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Thursday, October 22, 2009

I Love Rock \m/

Most of my friends,indeed most of all people like traditional Hindi music,alternative love songs etc.And when someone(mostly I) listen rock,heavy metal,death metal etc etc,they feel like shit and don't know but they react in very unimpressive way.I still not able to get how they manage to react in such a way.
Another thing is not understandable that if they listen rock,metal music,screams in Hindi they'll love it.So its just a matter of language or just that in Hindi too they scream about love only..
There is only thing to say that people who listen to metal are not bothered what others listening,but expect respect as they don't comment or your kinda music.Another thing is metal is laud,harsh,about death,black souls,political issues etc but its just more than that.And these black metal ,death metal are not telling to die or feel devil inside you ,its just telling us that there are still devil in world,satanic souls are there,it tell that death is our last stop in life so till then do what ever work we can do to contribute society in order to create better world.Most importantly this feeling is more deeper and useful than just love.
I just wanna say whatever will happen rock is not gonna die,though its gonna spread,today we gt rock remixes in movies,movies based on bands i some years we are gonna get mainstream rock..And we'll gonna have fun.\m/

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Shitty career question?

I am a programmer by profession.I am getting just some thousands as my salary,because i am a fresher,this is a first situation.And second situation is that, some days before i heard that job openings are there in banks and in post office.I people start forcing me.And the reason was they were offering salary around Rs.15,000 to Rs.20,000 start.In this job we just have to sit in that boring place and type sum thing that is not related with us,do not have to use mind.
But the question is if i am well qualified and i am working more than theses stupid typical government job then why we are not getting respected salary?
So should we choose the career that will pay us more or should we work in own field were we got interest and we can do that efficiently.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Modern Hitler!

Hitler was known for his racist behavior and for killing others other than Christ. But he never succeeded.
Today we can see lots of politicians or so called leaders(future politicians)are talking about how they are superior,how they care for there race,how they hate other religion,migrant,how to beat them and demolish public property etc.So there is only one questions arises are theses people are less than Hitler? They don't kill others(sum times) but they hurts many and doing nothing except racism..
So do reply me whom do you think modern day Hitler?

Vote In OR Vote Out

This is my first post of second blog..but i like this blog than previous one.Yesterday only we are done with elections.But one thing i am thinking that was it gonna change anything with us?with surrounding?etc etc.

I am watching people voting from my childhood,but still not able to recognize changes...I know i am not that intelligent but i am also part of this disintegrated society..But only things i am able to recognize that things are getting worse day by day.

Some of most important issues are growing rates of basic eating things,coast of all basic things.And this politicians are asking for votes for ages but can they make any change that are useful for us rather than themselves?So what are we gonna vote for?For whom we are gonna vote for?I am just not be able to answer this shitty question.

But my suggestion is why we are voting in theses politicians....just vote them out for the sake of lord..
If this vote out will happen i guess almost whole India will against them.And theses leeches will know true Democracy..So please tell me your thoughts my friends.I really need them.